Euroshield Rubber Shingles

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Technology, Low Maintenance, Cost-Effective, Minimal Waste

Integrating Euroshield rubber roofing into your home’s design not only embraces sustainability but also introduces an innovative roofing solution that enhances visual allure and elevates architectural character. Euroshield, crafted from recycled rubber, meticulously replicates the appearance of traditional roofing materials like slate or cedar shakes, delivering a premium aesthetic while upholding eco-conscious principles. With Garden City Roofing, Niagara’s premier choice since 1997, homeowners receive more than just a roofing upgrade; they enjoy peace of mind with premium products, a fully comprehensive 10-year installation warranty, and the manufacturer’s guarantee. Trust in Garden City Roofing to bring you the best in durability, beauty, and environmental responsibility with Euroshield rubber roofing.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Hire Expert Installers From Niagara Region’s Preferred Roofing Company, Garden City Roofing

We are so confident that our installations are done excellently, that we offer a 10 year guarantee on workmanship with every installation we do!  That is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty! Contact us today for a free consultation, and check out the reviews our valued clients have left us.

Specialized Installers for Euroshield

Specialized installers are crucial for Euroshield rubber shingles due to their unique installation demands, requiring specific handling, cutting, sealing, and fastening techniques for proper ventilation and drainage. This is vital for extending the lifespan and performance of Euroshield shingles. As Euroshield’s preferred installers for the Niagara Region, Garden City Roofing experts possess the training and knowledge to adhere to industry best practices and warranty requirements.

Benefits of Euroshield

  • 95 % Recycled Content
  • Superior Wind Performance
  • Unmatched Hail Protection
  • Unbeatable Warranty
  • North American Made

Euroshield rubber shingles withstand harsh weather conditions and UV rays without cracking, mold, rot or warping, for long-lasting performance. Their environmentally friendly composition, incorporating recycled materials like old tires, reduces waste and supports sustainability efforts and provides insulation. Despite being rubber, they resemble traditional roofing materials such as slate or wood shakes, offering a range of colors and styles to suit various architectural preferences. 


Euroshield Rubber Shingles Installed

Slate Roofing, Slate Shingles, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Beaumont Shake

Beaumont Shake offers vertical grooves, rich cedar grain, and the natural texture of genuine hand-split wood. Experience the rustic charm, elegant shadow lines, and smooth, uniform appearance of Beaumont Shake and enhance the aesthetics of your roof.

Ranchlands Shake

Our specially engineered style showcases deep shadow lines and striking vertical grains, adding sophistication and elegance. Not only does this design enhance durability, but it also perfectly replicates the authentic look of real wood with its wavy grain and rugged texture.

Vermont Slate

Achieve the rich and uniform beauty of premium slate roofing with lightweight material. This slate style is the most realistic and refined to date, providing aesthetic protection for your roof. It’s easier to transport, install, and afford than actual stone, and won’t shatter like natural slate.

Vermont Slate HP

The ultimate solution for hail-proof roofing. Vermont Slate HP style comes with a strong 20-year guarantee, offering protection against hail impact of any magnitude. Experience the perfect combination of durability and elegance with exquisite slate design.

Rundle Slate

The shingles exude a sense of elegance and sophistication. Their authentic appearance sets your home apart, instantly capturing attention. These shingles beautifully replicate the charm and thickness of traditional slate. With their textured edges and sturdy profile, Rundle Slate creates bold shadow lines and a magnificent, handcrafted look.